KJ Jones' T-Top Coupe

5.0 Mustang & Super Fords Magazine Tech Editor KJ Jones’ rare T-Top Coupe, featured in the January 2008 issue, is crowned by a NOVI-2000 pullied for 18PSI.

KJ Jones had this to say about the Paxton supercharger system:

"We selected Paxton's tried-and-true Novi 2000 supercharger system for our 1986 T-top Mustang LX coupe street/'strip project, mainly because it has long been considered "the only blower a Mustang will need" as it progresses through each stage of the boost-making spectrum--from 8-psi "mild" for the street, to more than 20-psi "wild" for the drag strip, and all points in between.

One 'Stang, one blower, and nothing more than a change of pulleys, appropriate injectors, hot ignition and a good fuel system are required for making big steam with the Novi 2000.

Our Novi pushes 21-psi of boost into the T-top coupe's A.R.E. Performance and Machine 350 cubic-inch Ford and helps make 830 horsepower and 727 lb-ft of torque at the rear wheels...without an intercooler. That kind of performance alone tells you how stout the Novi 2000 is!"

Cars: '86-'93