First Paxton Supercharged Saleen Mustang

Paxton was selected as the power adder for the new line of Saleen Mustangs that debuted in 1984. Number 85-0021, owned by Stuart Akers of Indianapolis, Indiana, is the first Paxton supercharged Saleen Mustang. This ‘85 Saleen was purchased from Nault Ford in Manchester, New Hampshire. It was then sent to Paxton for three months for development of this system, which was later offered to the public. It then took five years for the blower option to become an official (sanctioned) factory addition. In 1992, when the company began promoting the availability of superchargers, 10 of the 17 Saleens built went out the door with the $3200 Paxton option-more than half of the year’s production-but still rare by most standards.

Cars: '86-'93