Discharge Upgrade for 5.0L Mustang "Low Boost" System

Part Numbers and Prices listed below.

Discharge Upgrade Assembly for NOVI-1220 System #1001831 and NOVI-1220SL #1001831SL. Includes Bosch compressor bypass valve, clamps, fittings, 3.5” supercharger inlet elbow, hoses and cast aluminum supercharger discharge tube.

Attention Export Customers: US Spec Vehicles Only

Complete Paxton supercharger systems are intended for use on vehicles made and operated in the USA. Fitment of these systems to vehicles not made and operated in the USA may require custom tuning.

PN Description Price
8PD101-002 5.0L Mustang Discharge Upgrade - Satin Finish $213.95
8PD101-003 5.0L Mustang Discharge Upgrade - Polished Finish $252.95

Cars: '86-'93